The Delete Key at

The Delete Key

The Delete Key

written by: Alyssa Gwen



The delete key… is still there
In the same space; teamed up with other keys
Enticed me to touch -in an unpardonable manner
After drinking a glass of evil Long Island Iced Tea
My impatient fingers involuntarily
Crept along the keyboard
Ready to play
Flight of the Bumblebee
So I struck
And struck
And struck
Let fingers fly over the keys
Rising and falling
Angry notes released in the room
I-intoxicated by eliminating two lines more
Then, woke up to find
The whole data saved in the cloud unable to load
(The data made me shilly-shallying exists no more)



I tried to make this poem look playful by using some metaphors. The speaker in this poem had struggle to make a certain kind of decision.
When making difficult emotional decision, sometimes it takes courage, or a sudden impulse to execute.

Lastly, I hope to add little amusement in reading this poem. I leave readers the choice of striking their delete key.
Let them decide which final sentence should be deleted, and what will be the result of speaker’s life afterward in their imagination.

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