The Dreaming Child, written by Massimiliano (Max) Bianchi at

The Dreaming Child

The Dreaming Child

written by: Massimiliano (Max) Bianchi



I am the inhuman superhero
The invulnerable body on the skyscraper
The insensible soul vaporized over you
Over the heads and the hands
Over insanity, arrogance and vanity

I am the lord of the seven seas
Waiting for the seventh wave
Counting the seventh star
Smelling the seventh rose

I am a religious prop
Digging out the good from the bad
The good from the “bad done for your good”
The good from the “I don’t care”

I am a dark falling angel
Flying as a shooting star
Straight to the heart of earth
The glittering pulsar of the elements

I am the unconscious dreaming child
Trapped in the rhythm of age
Making love with the wind and the wild
Passionate, sweaty, unprotected
And with a smile on my face.

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