The Endless Summer of 1934 at

The Endless Summer of 1934

The Endless Summer of 1934

written by: Hope Jones


She opens the creaky, old door to the place forbidden in the mentality of the masses. It is a spot for the outcasts, forgotten, and those not easily forgiven. This place, its concept is illegal, but nevertheless people find their way in, into its accepting embrace. She glances around, looking at the couples shunned from the world outside the creaking door, the room with a musty, smoky air and people who keep to themselves. She spots the one she wishes to meet, a woman sitting alone at a corner booth, eyes fixed on the cup of water before her. She glides toward her, patting down the stray hairs on her honeyed head. She ignores the sultry looks of the other women of the tavern, inspecting only the one she is eager to meet.

As she approaches the table, she is greeted by a most gorgeous perfume emanating from the shy woman. The one sitting looks up, her eyes sliding up and down, examining her partner as the one standing does the same. The golden-haired woman takes a seat, extending her right hand in greeting.

“Good evening,” she says in a smooth, practiced voice. “My name is Marjorie.”

“Helen,” the other says in reply. “A delight to meet you finally.”


Now, four weeks later, Marjorie holds Helen’s petite hand tightly as they run together through the flowering meadow. The blossoming colors reflect blue, violet, and yellow light, swaying gracefully in the breeze, giving the illusion of dazzling waves, embracing, consuming the two lovers. 

Helen pulls Marjorie down onto the plush green grass. Taking her face in her delicate hands, Helen beams an infectious smile which, in the magic of the meadow, easily transfers onto Marjorie’s face, an addiction both of them rather enjoy. Helen’s lips meet Marjorie’s for four brilliant, but forbidden, seconds before pulling away and caressing her cheek.

“I love you,” Helen whispers, as Marjorie glides her hands through her tawny hair.

Marjorie bends and kisses her in reply, smiling at the words for which she has been longing to hear for a very long time.

“I love you too,” Marjorie replies, placing a soft kiss on Helen’s flushed cheek.

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