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The Essence of the Rose

The Essence of the Rose

written by: LadyLily



Tiers…perfumed tincture
of its central perfection,
a mystic beauty.
The maidens dance morn and noon,
faeries jive the pale-faced moon.

Rosa shines dusty gold
reflecting partners wild glow
a shy pixie’s globe,
sweet, spicy, lemon fragrance
Bliss-splendid taste of Heaven.

Heads…luxury crowns,
lusty virgins root and swell,
curling your leaves,
revealing tall quivering
butter-cream stamens.

Sway in Summer’s breeze
Flawless floret performance,
thorns scalpel defence,
each bud embroiders gay bloom…
Sculptured by Earth Mother’s hummms..

A trillion years pass…
your essence captured
in trickling streams of turquoise

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