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Smoke Of Cigarettes

written by: Haaris Ali Waqas



Though the smoke fogged all I could see,
It made me feel all I could never be;
But I was surely brought down to one knee -
And soon, three;
Harder it got for me to frivolously flee.
When all I craved was future regret,
My hurt heart spoke -
I took another smoke
From my pack of slithering cigarettes.

Now, difficult it is to mask -
The feeble attempts to complete a trying task;
I have help not from someone to ask -
So I begin to barbarically bask.
A year, maybe two months gone -
My sedated eyes woke before dawn;
With my clothes drenched in cold withdrawal sweats,
I reached for another smoke from my pack of slithering cigarettes.

Haaris Ali Waqas

Haaris Ali Waqas

My name is Haaris Ali Waqas and I'm 17 years of age. I've been writing poems for the past 2 years and I live in Ghana, West Africa. However, I am a Pakistani by ethnicity. My works are mostly done in the same structure but I mix it up every now and then to keep things exciting. I hope to be an Author Of The Month on this platform.
Haaris Ali Waqas

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