The "Go Away" Gnome, poetry by Andrada Costoiu at
John Bussell

The “Go Away” Gnome

The “Go Away” Gnome

written by: Andrada Costoiu


He was alone,
Lost among garden lamps
Scissors and plastic plants.

All of his friends were gone,
Left for new homes, they all had signs of
“Welcome” or “Garden maintained by gnomes”
or other peculiar signs that made them special.

His sign was “Go away”.
He understood that nobody liked him,
Because they were either making fun of his sign,
Or of his eyebrows that his maker has drawn too high.

Whatever they made him look like,
It was not who he really was.
Inside of him was quiet,
He was like all the others,
Wanting to see the sunshine,
Wanting to feel the rain.

Maybe somebody will pick him up tomorrow,
Maybe some angry person,
That wants to shoo away the neighborhood kids,
Or maybe someone that was like him,
Angry looking on the outside but gentle within.

He is still waiting for someone to need him,
For someone to understand.

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