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The Son That Never Was

written by: Ailsa Cawley



I was the son they wanted you see
Someone who would be free
Three children I'm the oldest
I know people say I'm pushy
But it was well known
That girls were just a second class
At least one boy should be born
I understood from childhood
That I needed to toughen up
Followed me father to market
Till he gave me a sheep of my own
Even got me in the papers it did cos
The bugger followed me to school
So I took it in and they weren't amused
But dad roared laughing saying that
Was exactly what he'd expect a boy to do
Knew then I had to take charge of all
Because what else could I do?
Mary had a little lamb became contrary
I knew just what had to be done
I became the son you never had
And the daughter that never was.

Ailsa Cawley

Ailsa Cawley

Ailsa was born in the North East of England, in Newcastle upon Tyne. She writes about the world around her and she lives on the Isle of Skye with her husband, daughter and dog.
Ailsa Cawley

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