The Son That Never Was, poetry by Ailsa Cawley at
State Library of Queensland

The Son That Never Was

The Son That Never Was

written by: Ailsa Cawley



I was the son they wanted you see
Someone who would be free
Three children I’m the oldest
I know people say I’m pushy
But it was well known
That girls were just a second class
At least one boy should be born
I understood from childhood
That I needed to toughen up
Followed me father to market
Till he gave me a sheep of my own
Even got me in the papers it did cos
The bugger followed me to school
So I took it in and they weren’t amused
But dad roared laughing saying that
Was exactly what he’d expect a boy to do
Knew then I had to take charge of all
Because what else could I do?
Mary had a little lamb became contrary
I knew just what had to be done
I became the son you never had
And the daughter that never was.

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