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written by: John Patrick Robbins



I was drunk.
It was six in the morning I sat on my front porch.
My neighbor viewed me and just shook his head.
“Must be nice having a job that allows you to drink your ass off all night and sleep all fucking day!”
I laughed cause with a buzz I was one happy bastard.
“Yeah I have to admit it doesn’t suck but you have a good day busting your ass.”
“Fucking worthless drunk,” he said as he hopped in his truck fired it up and was off to chase a dollar.
I could have given a damn less what he thought of me.
I long since lost that sense of thinking opinions mattered.
I may be broke but I was happy.
A belly full of booze and a vampire’s existence suited me fine.
We all are on different roads but only with mine did everyone seem so eager to tell me my faults.
It must be hell being such a miserable prick.
The asshole next door went to grab a coffee and I went to grab a beer.
I believe I would sleep till it was damn near sunset
and that would drive the prick next door insane.
It wasn’t my mission to annoy others.
But if it was, it appeared I could have been the employee of the month or at least the fucking manager by now.


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