The Lamp, a poem written by Charlie Bottle at

The Lamp

The Lamp

written by: Charlie Bottle



I, a wick in an empty lamp,
await the oil of your grace,
and the flame of your mercy.
I pray when sated I burn bright,
and spread the light, your light,
for without your grace and mercy,
I am just a wick in a dry lamp.

There are others that burn brighter,
their incandescent burning desires,
engorged with the tallow of greed,
they sputter, and die with their desires,
ceasing to exist, they plunge into darkness,
their world and all who depend on their light.

But we, our form earthen, our wicks flaxen,
await the coming of evening,
when our Lord will trim us and fill us.
We await the coming of the night,
when our Lord will set us alight,
and place us in niches by the wayside,
Seek his light, You who seek the Lord.

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