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The Legend of My Heart

written by: Himna Ahmad Khan


Once upon the phase of the moon,
There was a mighty kingdom,
A kingdom I called my heart,
Where love bloomed in fields of lush green,
Where rivers of milk and honey flowed in valleys of splendor,
Where every shade and star in the night sky sung its own lulling melody.
Legend claims that its gates were once open to the world,
That swarmed in as crowds of catastrophe,
Crowds of catastrophe, it says,
Because they plucked every petal of love that bloomed in my fields,
They drank from the rivers like hungry beasts and left my banks barren,
They faded out the stars in my night skies by their obscene orchestra,
And while they lived their lives in glory,
I was left with nothing but a heart struggling to beat with the weight of so many foreigners upon its lands,
And so,
Before the full moon arose,
I lead everyone to the exit and slammed my gates upon their deceiving faces,
Anticipating an uproar I might have called my way,
And the lack of one was all I needed to click the locks and throw away the key.

Himna Ahmad Khan

Himna Ahmad Khan

At a young age, I had a love for reading novels and dreamed of writing my own one day. I had penned down numerous stories even before the age of ten. In the whirlwind of teenage years, I secretly created a blog called "Catching Stars" where I was able to interact with poets and found myself addicted to poetry, something I had never even considered before. And one day, I decided it was about time to tell people around me and use poetry to make my dream come true. So I published my first poetry collection, Gallery of Stars, in November 2019. 🙂
Himna Ahmad Khan

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