The Lies of Constellations, written by Brian Rihlmann at
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The Lies of Constellations

The Lies of Constellations

written by: Brian Rihlmann


Isn’t it fascinating,
after all these years,
that we still play the same game
of withholding affection.

But now instead of my addictions
and silent rages,
or how you turned your back to me
when I reached for you in the dark,
we merely ignore
each other’s posts.
Keep score that way.
Get even by refusing a little heart icon
or even a thumbs up,
though I read everything you write
and study every photo,
especially the ones with him,
the latest version.

I study those the longest:
the way his arm drapes
over your shoulders
and just which
of your many smiles
you are wearing.

I interpret your eyes,
your lips,
like inkblots,
like cloud shapes
or the lies of constellations
with half their stars
burned to cinders
long ago.

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