The Light (Scenes From a Marriage), poem by Łukasz Stachera at
Bruno Sousa

The Light

The Light

(Scenes From a Marriage)

written by: Łukasz Stachera


The light is impossibly bright this morning

“We’re emotional illiterates”

It’s casting tiny bullets of light
onto the last night’s words
like flies gathering at their last feast of best friends
And they remember every spoken letter
like ashamed, invisible, dark red lipprints

“We’re both so fucked up”

Emotions are eventually taking shapes
and finally shadows are sharp as hell
like last night’s crippled monsters of feelings
finally got dressed and look full of guilt but smart,
elegant almost

“I never stopped loving you, not even for a second”

The light got so impossibly light this morning

“Now you’re being dramatic”

So light and so late

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