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The Marauder

The Marauder

written by: Don Knowles



Caring is a treacherous voyage
Eager to mentor at the helm
Finding a way
Past shipwrecks
And sand bars
Past rip tides

My rope must be too short
Or oars lost at high sea
No star map to navigate
No compass to point your way
Just intuition and sea legs

I now christen thee, The Marauder
A worthy ship indeed
Set sail at dawn
I will untie the mooring then
Raise your barnacled anchor

May the speed you traverse
Match the Billow of your sails
May all you encounter
Share the treasure of kindness that you seek

For me I will wade past the docks
And sing a song of the gulls and terns
As they forgive the seas
For its duplicitous nature

Don Knowles

Don Knowles

My writing is typically written while I'm on a treadmill, so I call myself "the treadmill poet!"
Born in West Chester Pa in 1960 I have been inspired to begin writing again through my interactions with two people I care deeply about that are experiencing the torrents of mental illness.
Don Knowles

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