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The Rose That Grew From Concrete

written by: Sunny Chuksy a.k.a wizartbychoice



As though the land seems dry, deserted and condemned
No Motivation, a place of pain and agony
Closed doors Locked tight!
No room for air
They say the world is yours
Yet controlled by Greed and envy
But through it all
Stands the impossible
A symbol of defiance
Backed by ambition
The phenomenal example of never giving up
So no matter what it takes
Repeat these words:
I am the rose that grew from the concrete

Sunny Chuksy a.k.a Wizartbychoice

Sunny Chuksy a.k.a Wizartbychoice

Wizartbychoice also known as sunny chuksy started writing at a very tender age. It all first started by drawing from comic books and expressing his state of my mind through art. In 2015 he started taking his love for art very serious. He published his first poem and drawings "the rose that grew form the concrete" which gained attention on Twitter. He followed up with "gifted" "offspring" and another touching art piece "the world is yours". Wizartbychoice poem and drawing works are heavily influenced on philosophy of life which holds that individual experience are lessons to be shared with others. A theory to teach and uplift the mass.
Sunny Chuksy a.k.a Wizartbychoice

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