The Men of Shadow, a poem by Tamar Gvelesiani at
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The Men of Shadow

The Men of Shadow

written by: Tamar Gvelesiani



Too close to hear the strings
As they sound like heart-beats
And break like pearl-shells,
I used to put on my neck as a lace of hopes.

We pass through the times
Where leaves of sadness start to riffle.
Being shadows of frames here and now,
We share the love of wisdom.

The distance is never known till we are ill,
It’ll neither end, nor will it start itself.
Till ashes fade away in the darkness
And fear shivers visions of men.

Fingers go on playing the “Nocturne Regrets,”
“The Moon Sonnet.”
And I see shadows of men
Blown up in the flames of dreams
Longing for the living, asking for a chance.

Here we move on from back to front, from front to back
Like tango dancers legs, step by step
We beautify the universe.
And a little yellow leaf swirling gently around my knees
Makes me smile and my dreams are still alive.

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