The Music of Arabian Dunes, poetry by Shamik Banerjee at
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The Music of Arabian Dunes

The Music of Arabian Dunes

written by: Shamik Banerjee


There it may seem, the Ghaf and Samur tree
Stand bored and flaccid ‘neath the broiling sky;
Arabia, but has a melody
Of enigmatic tunes, played by the dunes
Across the air-dry fringes of Dubai.

At times, it’s like a rumbling from afar,
Or, tubas’ call blown by a marching troop,
But mildest notes of this strange music are
Like sounds that are born from a Dungchen horn
When lamas chant together in a group.

And though these sands are breath-taking to tread,
One step’s like an intrusion in the den
Of sleeping lions, who give us a dread
When suddenly from snore, they wake and roar,
But sleep afresh and let us step again.

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