THE NEW NORMAL, a poem by Dilip Mohapatra at



written by: Dilip Mohapatra



Can’t really figure out
if it’s a product of prudence
or paranoia
but the predictions prompt
the asymptote to
the Corona curve
with an angle
that is perhaps right
though open ended
which they call
the new normal.

The parties and picnics
would soon be
things of the past
and so would be the vacations
and holidaying
in exotic locations
the sun surf and sands
to be enjoyed
only on TV screens or on the net.
No more clinking
of the beer mugs
or patting each other’s backs
or getting those magical hugs
just say hi and bye
don’t forget the
norms of social distance
for that surely would be
the new normal.

No more gyms
no more rugbies
nor any other
outdoor sports
nor sharing a pasta or a dosa
in the food court
no coffee shops no pubs
nor enjoying a ride
in the amusement park
no mass prayers
or an open air concert
in a stadium
no fairs nor festivals
but everything
digital and virtual
for that surely would be
the new normal.

Report to the airport
a day before your flight
and cross the horde of hurdles
one after the other
like clearing the levels
in a video game
till you reach El Dorado.
Cabs you can
no longer share
and you would pay
triple the bus fare
accounting for the
spaced out seating
for that surely would be
the new normal.

The house maid services
would be defunct
and the husbands
perhaps would realise
for the first time
their wives’ worth
people will
work from home
and at home
the office premises
would close down
the delivery boys
would have a field day
your wardrobe
would be depleted and
your colourful collections
will be replaced
with varieties of face masks
for different occasions
plus personal protective
clothing in pure white
for that surely would be
the new normal.

And if it’s your funeral
there would be no mourners
no prayer meetings
nor your family and friends
coming together to
pay you their homage
no requiems will
be read out aloud
to a tearful audience
only the four pall bearers
and the caretaker
of the crematorium
as the permit decrees
for that surely would be
the new normal.

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