The Picnic, a poem by Don Flecknoe at
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The Picnic

The Picnic

written by: Don Flecknoe


A book plucked from the shelf at random,
Faded petals on an open page,
That book of plays, a gift from you.

Do you remember, the day we stole?
Hidden in the park,
She-oaks murmur in the breeze.

We picnicked on a tartan rug,
Ate bulging salad sandwiches,
You laughed as I spilt beetroot down my shirt.
A bottle of Chardonnay,
We lazed that afternoon away.


Above, stars strewn across night’s velvet dome,
And through God’s mighty wheel,
That balmy night of tender love,
We lay there, content.

At dawn we dared to walked along,
A rocky path above those plunging cliffs.

Magenta sails afire in the morning sun,
Boats sailing home across the bay,
laden low, with their haul.


Do you remember,
Those few days we spent together?

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