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The Race

The Race

written by: Nina Taylor


The sun it was shining. A beautiful day.
The old lady said “Let’s all go out to play.
We’ll pack up a basket with lots of nice treats.
Like fishcakes and cheese and a few doggy sweets.
Some cucumber sandwiches cut into squares.
And let’s not forget the foldaway chairs.”

So off the all went to the park near the house,
Dog, cat and lady and little brown mouse.
A stranger sight you never did see
As they unpacked the basket for afternoon tea.
The people around them all stopped to stare.
But the strange little group didn’t give a care.

With food in their tummies and water to drink
It was time for some games, they all did think.
They ran on the grass and chased the ball.
But little brown mouse was the slowest of all.

“Let’s have a race and see who comes first.”
So mouse ran so fast he was ready to burst.

When the dog and the cat reached the finishing post
Mouse was sat there nibbling some toast.
“How did you win?” panted dog in dismay.
“Maybe perhaps I just shouldn’t say.
But I spotted a short cut that you didn’t see
When both of you ran round that great big tree.
I’m such a small mouse. I don’t need much room.
And when you take the long way, straight ahead I can zoom.
I may not be fast but I’m so very small
And squeezing through gaps is no problem at all.”

So the dog and the cat had to call him the champ.
And back for more picnic they all did scamp.
An ice cream for the dog and the cat if you please.
While little brown mouse had a big piece of cheese.

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