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Fun at The Zoo

Fun at The Zoo

written by: Nina Taylor


‘I think we’ll go to the zoo today
It’s such a wonderful place to play.
There’ll be lions and tigers and an old gnu
And we may even see an elephant or two’.

But Little Brown Mouse he wasn’t so sure.
The zoo didn’t hold much allure.
He plucked up the courage to say to them all
‘But elephants are big and I’m so small!’

The old lady said ‘But you’re such a brave mouse.
And I know you’ll love the monkey house.
They swing in the trees and jump all around.
And land with a somersault onto the ground.
They’ll make you laugh. We’ll have such fun.
And we’ll see them frolicking in the sun’.

So off they all trundled out of the house,
The lady, the dog, the cat and the mouse.
Jumping into the van they all found a place
Even though there wasn’t very much space.
But off they headed towards the zoo
And hoped there wasn’t a ginormous queue.

They went through the gate with the big blue flag
The lady bought tickets and mouse jumped in her bag.
‘I’ll be safe in here’ he said with a smile.
‘Now off to the monkeys!! Must be at least a mile!’

The dog and the cat jumped around with glee
So many animals for them to see.
Zebras with stripes and giraffes with long necks.
And elephant’s long trunk that he loved to flex
Into the water and out again
And sprayed it everywhere, just like rain.

‘I’m not scared’ the little mouse said
As out from the bag he popped his head.
‘Off to the monkeys – come on let’s go!
Why are you all walking oh so slow?’

‘We’re nearly there’ the lady replied
As up ahead the chimps she spied.
‘Let’s see what they’re up to – maybe having lunch.
They might have a banana or even a bunch.
Now stay close to me so you don’t get lost
And it might be slippy with bananas they’ve tossed’.

So the dog and the cat stayed by her side
With mouse still in his special bag-hide.

Oh how they laughed at the monkeys’ tricks
Swinging about and playing with sticks.
Eating bananas and some apple core
And dropping the skins all over the floor.

‘Can we go to the playground?’ dog and cat cried
‘And play on the swing, the seesaw and slide’.
So off they went for a last little play
To make the most of a really fun day.
With mouse on his back, cat jumped on the swing.
And dog had a ride on the roundabout thing.

‘Time to go home’ the old lady said
‘And have a scrumptious tea before bath and bed’.
So back to the van went dog, cat and mouse.
And said goodbye to the zoo and monkey house.
‘We’ll see you again another day.
The zoo really is the best place to play!’

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