The Thief, a poem by Amal El-Sayed at

The Thief

The Thief

written by: Amal El-Sayed


Time crawled through my window,
Ravenous – intent on being fed,
He stealthily stole my youth –
Left unattended by the bed.

I heard the rattle of the drawer
Where I have carefully locked my joy,
He wrestled it free from a locket
With a picture of a boy.

I closed my eyes when he went
For my box of fears,
I held my breath as his fingers
Traced my trail of tears.

I heard his muffled steps
Going down the stairs,
He must have left my tears and fears
Once he knew they only came in pairs.

I finally let myself exhale away
My sense of doom and dread,
For I was terrified he would
Steal away with my life instead.

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