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The Rainbow Princess

written by: Nina Taylor


Once upon a time in a land far away on the other side of the rainbow an old lady was feeling sad. You see a horrible unseen plague had ravaged the people and she knew everyone was scared and unhappy.
“Oh” she said  “I wish things would get better so I can be happy again.”
All of a sudden there was a bright colourful flash and a beautiful lady in bright coloured clothes stood before her.
“Who are you?” said the old lady.
“I am the Rainbow Princess and I can grant you three wishes. But beware. I may not be able to grant everything you wish for but some I can. What is your first wish?”
The old lady thought about it and said,
“Can you make everything better so I can feel happy again?”
The Rainbow Princess said, “Sadly I cannot make everyone better because I am not powerful enough. But I can fill your head with happy thoughts.”
And with a sprinkle of rainbow dust, the Princess disappeared.
The old lady looked around her and saw the blue sky and the beautiful flowers and she could hear the birds singing.
“Maybe things aren’t so bad” thought the old lady and she remembered all the lovely things that had happened in her life and finally felt happy.
However, a few days later the old lady was sad again. She could hear raised voices in the houses around her and thought that maybe other people were feeling angry and upset. She said to herself
“I wish those other people wouldn’t feel so angry but be kind to those living with them.”
There was another bright colourful flash and the Rainbow Princess appeared.
“What is your second wish, old lady?”
“I can hear other people sounding angry and I wish they could feel happy like you did for me”.
“Alas”, said the Princess, “I may not be able to make everyone happy but I will sprinkle my rainbow dust over as many houses as I can so that the people inside might respect others they live with”.
For a few days the old lady felt happy again. There were no angry voices and she could hear children laughing and playing in the houses and gardens around her.
But after some time she felt sad again.
“I wish I knew when this was all going to end so that we can all live safely and happily together again”.
In a flash of colour the Rainbow Princess appeared again and stood before her.
“This is your third and final wish, old lady. Alas I cannot tell you when this will all end but when it does I will give you a sign. When the plague is diminishing you will see a beautiful rainbow in the sky. So remember to keep looking,” and with that she disappeared in a cloud of rainbow dust.
Every day the old lady looked into the sky to see if the rainbow was there. “Maybe today is the day” she said and never gave up hope.
Until one day the old lady looked out of her window and there, way up in the sky, she glimpsed faint rainbow hues- red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, indigo. The sky was blue and the sun was shining and she was sure this was the sign she had been waiting for. In her head she could hear a faraway voice “Can you see it?”
“Yes, yes I can. But it’s very faint.”
“Aah but every day it will be stronger and brighter” said the Princess. “Your world is healing but it is now up to everyone of you to play your part. The more you all work together and look after each other and the more you take care of your world, the brighter the rainbow will be”.
And that was exactly what happened.

Nina Taylor

Nina Taylor

I am a mother and grandmother who enjoys writing but usually just for my own pleasure. I was born in Essex but spent many of my adult years in various overseas wherever my husband was working. I studied Sociology originally at University but began teaching English as a Foreign Language while abroad. On our return to the UK I began working in adult education teaching Literacy and Numeracy but always had a passion for Early Years education. As such I retrained and spent a number of years working as an early years practitioner, until I retired in November 2019. I now live in Leicestershire and have two grown up children and two young grandchildren with whom I love to play and read stories to.. During Lockdown I wrote a number of little short stories for them, which i recorded and shared with them just for fun.
Nina Taylor

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