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The Replacement

written by: Alyssa Brocker



“In slumber it’s best not to wander.”
This was the only rule at the orphanage.
It sounded like a suggestion,
but it was a demand.
Us girls would say it before bed every night.
10 voices, in unison,
harmonizing to a tune we knew well.
We must never leave our beds,
especially after midnight.
No one knew why.
The others would never dare defy Ms. Lizzie.
I was always a curious child,
starting trouble,
this one rule was no exception.
On a special night,
full of magic and fright,
when the clock read:
1 2 : 0 1
I crept from my bed.
Exploring the orphanage,
What a silly rule!
I thought.
I came back into the room,
my feet shuffling,
eyes heavy,
to find a girl sitting in my bed,
staring at me.
I looked down and
I was fading.
Into the walls,
the background.
I had become a shadow,
a mere afterthought.
The girl started chanting:
“In slumber it’s best not to wander.”
Three times.
That’s when I truly
Now, I wait.
For a little girl
to become just
curious enough,
stealing back a life,
that once was.

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Alyssa Brocker

Alyssa Brocker

Alyssa Brocker is a twenty-year old college graduate. She found her love for poetry by working with her theater group to create an original play written in prose. She lives with her beloved dog who is always her first reader.
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