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The Mirror Man

written by: Prospermind



A little girl at home,
playing in her room alone,
suddenly her mirror shows,
a man inside,
dressed all in black,
in suit and hat,
and a grin, oh so mad,
above the tie.

He grabs her leg,
and pulls her through,
she tries to fight,
but cannot win,
for no one ’s home,
to hear her scream,
“I’m too strong for you,
give up mein Kind*.”

Her mother and grandma,
now back at home,
they had been out,
for some celebration.
Now looking for the little girl,
but the child remains unfound,
at the peak of their despair,
the little girl has been released,
and striking midnight,
she reappears in one piece.

With screams and cries,
and eyes open wide,
the little girl runs frantically,
she wants to hide.

Her arms and legs,
now coloured with bruises,
her little heart,
now spoiled with fear,
her trembling voice,
now alerting:
“The mirror man was here!”.

He grabs you from the mirror,
when you think you are alone,
he pulls you through,
he is also known,
to climb out of your TV,
if he is after you,
he even takes us,
from ‘neath our beds sometimes, too.

He’s a flexible man,
without good means,
he borrows little children,
to eat their screams,
he feasts on fear,
when you expect it least,
the mirror man appears.

And should you be,
so fortunate to be released,
make no mistake,
to think you’re safe,
for the mirror man,
he may return,
if he really likes your taste…

*mein Kind (German for: my child)



Just a little story, wrapped in a poem, for a fright night like Halloween.

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