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written by: Prospermind



To be human,
is it to dream?
To achieve one’s goals,
by any means?

Or is it to love?
To dance through life,
and come along,
when the music calls?

To be human,
what does that mean?
When half the world is crying,
while the other is sound asleep?

To be human,
is it to be free?
But how, just how,
when we’re our own worst company?

To be human,
is to be afraid.
To be afraid of letting go,
and looking past our own egos.

To be human,
is to stay behind.
How could we ever grow,
when we’re choosing to be blind?

To be human,
is not easy,
so much is true,
but what is it then?

Now don’t look at me,
I’m asking YOU…

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