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Little Things Matter

written by: Neera Singhi Choraria


Little things matter!! Yes, they do... The silence that soothes the soul..
The moon that lights up the dark night
The raindrops that touch the face
The onset of winter chills, winds swaying
those locks on my face... sipping steaming hot tea in terracotta cups. Little things matter, yes they do!! The maple tree shedding its leaves, butterflies kissing the flowers to suck nectar, flowers blooming, all seasons changing, sky changing colours, a rainbow after the rain, beauty
spread everywhere. These little things matter, yes they do!! The text that’s read, but left unanswered
The call on the phone that wasn’t replied to... the meetings left incomplete... the conversations left in between!! Little things matter, yes they do!! Those exchange of loving glances, unspoken words touching the soul,
A long drive to beat away the blues
Walking together at the sunset by the shore, that eagerness to explore... the little things matter; yes they do!! Those cherishing coffee dates, laughing at lame jokes, enjoying boring movies too... holding each other’s hands.
A small close dance on Frank Sinatra’s number, just feeling each other’s breath
Celebrating moments with some pink
Sparkling wine... brings just about the biggest happiness. Little things matter; Yes they do!!!

Neera Singhi Choraria

Neera Singhi Choraria

I am Neera, fond of reading and writing. I am a homemaker and a psychology graduate.
Neera Singhi Choraria

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