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Swirl N' Dance

written by: Steven Jacobson



autumn leaves swirl and dance,
when a gentle breeze chooses and
regards the fallen heroes.  the colors
of the day permeate the trees as the
sun filters through the jungle of leaves
amassed in the moment.  squirrels
decorate the flooring of the earth
unsettling leaves to hide their prize.
a variety of birds reside in the branches
and in the thicket and thatched nests,
living and singing in harmony with
nature. the world is in constant flux,
the fall leaves and colors leave a
memory pushing one forward.

©  2014  Steven Jacobson

Steven Jacobson

Steven Jacobson

Steven Jacobson has been writing poetry for nine years.Steven has lived in the Midwest gravitating to the Twin Cities for over 25 years.
He has self published a poetry book called Spiritual Gait in 2014 and done an e-book with the help of Storyteller in 2016.
Steven Jacobson

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