Farewell Love, poetry by Victor Oyewole at Spillwords.com
David Todd McCarty

Farewell Love

Farewell Love

written by: Victor Oyewole


It was an empty hug,
The flame of love, thick
but lost. The aim was to shine,

but our smiles have turned to cries, and our songs
are no longer rhymes.

The story of love is not
the gods’ to be blamed. Our shame
Tells more of the lies we told,
The truth we hid because we were
never for once in love indeed.

Lies can unite with blood in the veins,
You became part of me that letting go
Cost me all of you and all of me,
That your curves will no longer be
the ones I can hold and passionately kiss.

It evolved from a dream of hopes,
but died in the battle for survival.
I never knew my love in you was planted
among thorns; life was strangled out of them,
My harvest was empty just as you loved me.

You left a cut in my heart, the sign that
you were once mine though you’re many miles away.

This is love,
Life, and I know. But,
We are lost in the world
That can never be known.

Farewell O darling!
You are not the end of my story.

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