Bird of Promise, a poem by Nancy Richy at

Bird of Promise

Bird of Promise

written by: Nancy Richy



It was just a fling, just one of those
things she fell upon
quite by accident with no intent
of malice or harm.
She never meant for the strong desire
so wrong to last this long.

No child, she. A life well spent
with no sense or scent of doubt or regret
for she was a one off,
a rare and spirited bird of promise
in thought, action and word.

She knew herself better
than any woman or man
who came to her with open heart and hand,
never afraid to take a stand,
without trying she could command
a room of strangers or friends
for she was the willow that always bends.

Never intimidated, she wouldn’t allow
herself to be berated, deflated,
abused or humiliated.

Then this thing, this once in a lifetime fling
blossomed like the bouquets of spring,
bursting with an uncontrollable,
unstoppable, insurmountable
force she could not rein in.

How did she allow herself
to be so exposed, for him
to see her inner core,
wanting and demanding more
than she could give or afford
while inflicting pain with nothing
to gain except stress and blame
and risking the loss of all
things she held near and dear,
almost extinguishing
her brightest inner flame.

Resolve restored she said
“No more!” She’d said it before,
two, three times, maybe four.
Get up off the floor, open the door;
be that bird of promise and soar.
This time she meant it
but her heart was broken and sore
like those who suffered and bore
the ravages of war.

She loved him;
that was her greatest sin.

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