Running on Empty, poetry by Karima Hoisan at
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Running on Empty

Running on Empty

written by: Karima Hoisan


The new moon proclaims the time
Ramadan is on our lips and in the air.
From the first day we begin our fast,
food and drink are replaced by prayer.

I love this time of year when it arrives,
when sacrifice brings inner satisfaction.
It might be hard to understand how this is so,
but staying in the moment we avoid all distraction.

Running on empty and joyously so,
I have stripped away all my needs.
Like the secret of a withered husk,
inside there lives a growing seed.

The lightness that comes over me at this time,
watching the long shadows while the day is growing late,
brings a feeling of peace, gratitude and restraint
to wait until the Maghreb call, for a sip of water, a bite of date.



“Maghreb” prayer is the sunset prayer when we break our fast during Ramadan.

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