Human, a poem written by Prospermind at


Human written by: Prospermind @prospermindWP   To be human, is it to dream? To achieve one’s goals, by any means? Or is it to love? To dance throu...
Mirror Mirror. written by Prospermind at

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror written by: Prospermind @prospermindWP   Mirror mirror, on the wall, aren’t you tired, of seeing it all? The good, the bad, the pretty, ...
Sometimes. at


Sometimes. written by: Prospermind @prospermindWP   Sometimes, I feel like an evil, Succubus, Who sucks all, What's good, Out of life, And then, Writes...
Alien at


Alien written by: Prospermind @prospermindWP   I am a strange child, Inside destruction, I am, An alien. I don’t feel, like everybody else, Inside, I ...


Prospermind, originally from Germany, life now has carried him all the way to Shanghai China, where he currently lives. He is a 23-year old language student, who loves to put the words in his head to paper. He hopes that his words will inspire their reader to create something inspiring to others and him as well.