Mirror Mirror. written by Prospermind at Spillwords.com

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

written by: Prospermind



Mirror mirror,
on the wall,
aren’t you tired,
of seeing it all?

The good, the bad,
the pretty, the sad,
the ugly, the mad,
the lies, the truth –
all well hidden,
inside of you.

The small, the tall,
the rise, the fall,
the brave, the bold,
the young, the old –
their countless stories,
left untold.

The bright, the dumb,
the wounded, the numb,
the wasted, the scum,
the thick, the thin –
and all of us,
who’ve lived in sin.

Mirror mirror,
on the wall,
you surely have,
seen it all,
please, tell me mirror,
what to do,
for all solutions,
are in you.

Mirror mirror,
now I see,
all the answers,
that I seek,
they all unite,
inside of me.

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