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Whence We Came

Whence We Came

written by: Viktoria Nikola



Come with me, to a place, where the sirs bid farewells
And wear cloaks and top hats, come with me
Where the gentlemen dance and the madams perchance
Wear white gloves, sing, and clap merrily

Where a dragon is seething with his evil upheaving
While a hero lurks deep in the woods
Where a serf very sallow, in his fancy he wallows
For the maiden still rosy in girlhood

Where we’ll waltz through the forests and we’ll listen to lorists
Who reveal what is sooth of the yore
Where the feather quill pen is the cupid’s right-man
And a beautiful bride waits ashore

Sigh Adieu to the now for the stars might allow
Of the candlelight trove in that cave
Where a garland coronal made of Dahlias golden
Might adorn that sweet knight in his grave

Where a kiss, not a kiss, but a sinful remiss
If not taken in whimsical care
Where a heart, not a heart, but a life half apart
If not dueled, defeated, despaired

Come with me, where the marrow might be vanquished in sorrow
Yet the curtseys are never renounced
Where the wine and baguettes are pursued by duets
And where mel’dies are never denounced

Come with me, come with me, let us conquer the day
Let’s untangle the mystr’ys of ere
For perhaps we’ll uncover those poetry lovers
Who’ve been lost to the yester-year

And perhaps in our travel, we might simply unravel
Whence we came, what our future might be
Then we’ll sing and we’ll dance, oh that gentlemens’ stance
Take my hand, and come, come with me

Viktoria Nikola

Viktoria Nikola

In 1991 my family and I immigrated to America from Russia. I didn't become fluent in English until I was about eight years old. Even so, I wrote my first poem in English when I was 12 and my first story when I was 13. However, instead of thinking "Eureka! I've found my calling!" I thought: "What an adorable hobby." In fact, since I was a musician’s daughter, my mind was set on becoming a musician. A violinist, a guitarist, a vocalist - any one of them would do.
Once I was accepted to UC Davis, however, I was far too busy with my classes to pursue a music career. I started studying history. Then picked up classics. I fell in love with the mysteries of the ancient world and began thinking of pursuing a Ph.D. in either subject. Or perhaps of becoming an archaeologist. However, after an unsuccessful archaeological internship, I decided against the scholastic world.
Eventually, I found my way to Traditional Chinese Medicine: part history, part philosophy, and big part natural therapeutics. I've always been attracted to holistic medicine and thought this was a nice blend of all the things I loved. However, after spending a few years in the Master's program for acupuncture, I realized something was still missing. That's when I sat down to write a poem, as I so often did when the muse called, but instead of a poem, a novel came pouring out. So here I am, still writing poetry and brainstorming my next few novels.
Viktoria Nikola

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