Watery World, a poem by Lori Marchesin at Spillwords.com
Engin Akyurt

Watery World

Watery World

written by: Lori Marchesin


To be conscious of breathing
to touch skin and bones
to hear the heartbeat
everything promises
life’s progress
like the ocean the sea the river
To know the bubbling of life under quiet waters
the liquid world that moves with and against
tides because in its fluid body
there’s the heartbeat
that makes its voice heard even in stillness

To listen to the gift
the gift of seeming rest
because we understand
know that drops of water can move stones
smooth them into pebbles
and then disappear

letting us flow freely
sweep the debris
believe again
believe we are the river
that streams
floods lifts drags
meets other rivers
giving receiving
in constant flux

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