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written by: N. K. Hasen



The night is cold
Mother nature opens her hand
She sprinkles a white dusting of frost
Over cold hard ground.

Frost like powder
Blankets a thin layer on the ground
As cotton candy, frost sticks
refusing to melt for it is a cold coming winter.

Morning, I see frost outside
Knowing winter has come around the corner
Frost has invited winter to come
Lay a heavy blanket of snow soon.

N. K. Hasen

N. K. Hasen

I am a poet, writer and amateur photographer who lives in Ohio with my dog, Kana. I have written eleven poetry self-published books and 1 short book. I enjoy writing poetry, especially dog poetry. My dog, Chelsey, who passed away last year has given me inspiration in many of my poetry writings, I have a poetry blog 'Poetry by Hasen'.
N. K. Hasen

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