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The House At The End Of The Lane

The House at the End of the Lane

written by: Odonoko-ba



The moon sat High in the night sky
Its light
Casting dubious

That danced about reckless
Playing upon the imagination of
The unsuspecting. Inducing

A formication that
Elicited horripilation

A strange and curious trepidation

Felt by all
Clustered near

Halloween has always been
His favorite time of year

Carving jack o laterns
Fiends and phantoms
Witches ghost and fear

And the children
He regards most dear

With the promise of candy
Again this year

The minions
Of this town
Shall surely know fear

They came up the lane slowly
Children and their guardians

A black tabby scurried
Across the path

As if
To announce the arrival
Of the doom

An owl hooted
Heralding gloom

A dog can be heard
Howling at

And the little ones
Gripped their parents hands

Tighter than rope
Attached to gallows

They were here

He could hear the
Creaking of the porch
A telltale sign of visitors
For sure

The moment has come
A knock at the door
Validates his assumptions
He muses seduction


As he rushes to answer

A mirror he sees
He pauses and
Admires his Monster

He opens the door
Screams galore

To the
House of

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