The Road To Halicarnassus, poetry written by Bogpan at

The Road To Halicarnassus

The Road To Halicarnassus

written by: Bogpan


To die, to sleep—
No more—and by a sleep to say we end!
– Shakespeare /Hamlet: Act 3, scene 1/


Likewise a pilgrim
(like all of us)
in that equilibrium autumn
I walk on an echo
of an ancient laughter.
among friezes and statues,
and alabaster
as every laughter
careless. Of
a heart in love.
I do not know me. I shan’t remember.
My children were bathed in the dew of night.
And bread, they ate from my palm.
My blood shan’t be redeemed by anybody.
And I don’t want them
to drink my dust.

On the red road
the man is going
like a fiery bloomed rose.

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