The Sacrifice, flash fiction by Doug Bartlett at
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The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice

written by: Doug Bartlett


The world had never seen anything like it. A full-blown nuclear war. Mass devastation throughout the world. No one could have imagined the amount of destruction. Mark and his young daughter were the only survivors in their family, if you could call that surviving. They were emaciated and weak as they emerged from the rubble. Even though he loved her more than life itself, he knew he would not be able to keep her if she was to survive.

With a saddened heart he took her to the local orphanage. He knew she would get nourishment and good health care there. He knocked on the door and when it finally opened, the Director was standing in front of them. Mark explained to him the situation and said he needed to give up his daughter to the orphanage. The Director told Mark the orphanage was near capacity and could not take any children that had a parent living.

Mark said, “Let me make sure I understand you correctly. The orphanage will not take my daughter because her father is still alive.”

“I’m sorry,” said the Director, “but that is correct.”

Mark knelt down, gave his daughter a hug and kissed her good-bye. He then stood up and took his daughter’s hand and placed it in the Director’s as he said, “I’ll make the arrangements.”

The next day Mark woke up knowing it was his last day here on this earth.

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