Remembrance Reality written by Nobby66 at

Remembrance Reality

Remembrance Reality

written by: Nobby66



Got out of bed,
shaved my bald head,
suited booted, not usual sloppy,
pinned on my curl-edged Legion Poppy.
Went to pray what I’d always said…
Thanks to all the wartime dead.
Eleven A.M… Wept…Amen.

My shrapneled Uncle Norm machine-gunned a German
didn’t know his name was Herman.
Crawled for cover on hands and feet,
torpedoed on a Red Cross ship just off Crete.
Etched in stone on a cross near home
another name in the Marines glorious tome.
One day I will bring my English rose
to meet you at your Greek repose.
Never got a chance to share some time…
Mum told us how much her brother shined.
Forever aged just twenty-one…
What a debt we owe the sons
of Britannia and her Allies,

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