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Can A Voice (Not Add)

Can a Voice (not add)

written by: sidonamarie



can a voice be the dissipating mist
and not add to the fog’s thickening?

can a voice be the laughter
and not add to the menacing heartlessness?

can a voice be the whisper
and not add to the mindless clamoring?

can a voice be the heart of longing
and not add to the oppression of hopelessness?

can a voice be the kindness
and not add to chaos’s buzzing?

can a voice be the rebel
and not add to wars and their aggression?

can a voice speak the truth
and not add to the lawlessness?

can a voice be the words
and not add purpose to beliefs’ divisions?

can a voice be the shepherd
and not add to idolatry of the masses?


Can a Voice wonders if one voice can really create positive change. I feel my poetry so deeply, but do I really say anything new that will move the reader forward. Can a Voice (not add) is part of the poetry found in By the Pond (Dreams, Imaginings, Musing) by sidonamarie (me).



I have written poetry since 1977. I am a teacher first and poet second. In 1983, I graduated from Western Michigan University with a BA in English with an emphasis in elementary education. I taught for a few years and life happened. I needed to stay home to care for my son with asthma and some immune system issues. In 2003, I became a teachers aide and did that for 12 years. Now I am substitute teaching in that same elementary school. My children are grown. My son is a farmer/poet. My daughter is a classical saxophonist and working toward a degree in music performance and education.

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