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Masters Of Greed

Masters of Greed

written by: TM Arko



Oh you masters of greed
And your get rich schemes
You build your corporations of desire
On an honest worker’s dreams

Human lives don’t matter,
Unless they bring you fast cash
If your greed isn’t satisfied
Then you treat them like trash

You lie and you steal with every smile you crack
You act like a philanthropist
With an ax behind your back

Your eyes are deceivers
Your tongues are a fire
Concealing the truth,
You make everyone a liar

It’s all in the name of business
You take more than you need
Crushing down walls of loyalty
So your deals can succeed

You itch with impatience
And have no use for time
All you live for is the spreadsheet and
The big bottom line

And you smile so crooked
As you manipulate loans
While inside you are a sepulcher
Full of dead men’s bones

There’s nothing wrong with having money
Or living in wealth
Unless you love it so much
That it’s all ill gotten health

Some day we all must leave here
You can’t buy off death
Because your life’s only a matchstick
Just one cold fleeting breath

And the people you toyed with
To put dollars in your banks
Will laugh at your funeral
Dance on your grave and give thanks


This ones a rhymer modeled after Dylan’s Masters of War. Anyone who has worked for a company run by venture capitalist I think can relate.

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