Beautiful Risk, a poem written by Julie Powell at

Beautiful Risk

Beautiful Risk

written by: Julie Powell



Beautiful risk…

Yes it is a risk

But too good a risk to miss

What if it goes wrong I hear my head hiss

But my heart won’t wait it will not hesitate

Don’t ignore this for its fate that waits

There is so much happiness at stake

My head tells me to wait for something more

No, I say this is real this is pure

My heart knows it’s real and it feels so true

I belong with you and forever will do

I’ve waited to meet you my whole life through

So head please stop filling me with dread

My heart has spoken my heart has said

This is too good an opportunity to miss

let’s get on with taking… this beautiful risk…

Julie Powell

Julie Powell

A single mum to a gorgeous son and two lovely cats. I love looking after our happy home.
As well as other hobbies, I have recently had a go at poetry and I’m really enjoying it!
Julie Powell

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