Six Seconds, a poem written by Roger Turner at
Robert Wiles

Six Seconds

Six Seconds

written by: roger turner



Six seconds
What takes that long?
You can’t write yourself a letter
You can’t write yourself a song
Evelyn McHale…six seconds
Eighty Six Floors
Jumped from the observation deck
And now she is no more
Six Seconds
Twenty three years old
Now she’s dead and buried
And it’s time her tale was told
On May Day ’47
She thought she’d make a rotten wife
Did she know that when she took hers
She’d make the next cover of LIFE?
It only took six seconds
To land upon the car
86 stories downward
It doesn’t sound that far
Most Beautiful they called it
Like they were describing a red rose
But they were talking of a suicide
Where she lost her shoes and ripped her hose
The photo that was taken
One seen all around the world
Makes it look like she was sleeping
And still clutching at her pearls
Six seconds to the cover
Six seconds…to the ground
when you choose to make a leap like this
Do you care who is around?
She looks calm, cool and collected
Everything was in its place
One arm was out beside her
There was contentment on her face
The real reason she did it
Is gone forever, yes I reckon
Evelyn McHale made LIFE
And it only took six seconds.

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