The Sands, poetry written by Julia R. DeStefano at
Niklas Hamann

The Sands

The Sands

written by: Julia R. DeStefano



My dearest Emily,
tucked away in your room from life’s pestilence –
how I’ve become something like you in this chapter
as I count the days of solitude
in tandem with each grain of falling sand
both never to return!
Bone-weary but not broken –
determined am I to squeeze what I can
out of saber-toothed hours
that try to destroy me even in sleep.
But oh, does it always come back to the pen –
words to fill me with new life –
headstrong desire
to write powerful enough to burn blocks!
I can taste the fireworks,
primed and ready
in their yearning to explode overhead –
glorious victory to burn, burn, burn
through the black of this dismal night!
To decimate the doom and gloom of thought!
And oh Emily, would this Red Queen be glad –
she who hungers –
to feel him come again!
Footfalls to her window
because he can’t deny
the fire she lights inside him
for a second longer!

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