The Ship, microfiction by Alan David Gould at
Nick Jones

The Ship

The Ship

written by: Alan David Gould


The storm came with the darkness. Harsh clouds melted into the black canopy of night and became an audible event. We were blind without assistance, wending our precarious way to the only safe harbor we had known, in an inhospitable land. Our steersman clutched the wheel without tact or intuition. With hopeless luck, he crept through the wormhole he somehow sensed was there. As he turned for safe passage, a 15 foot wave crashed over the boat, followed by another. The waves had a galvanic effect, raising the water in the cove until the ship seemed to be riding the crest of the seventh and most powerful wave, out of control! The first mate screamed to the steersman..”It’s a 25 footer! Look out!”

The mammoth wave upended the bow, lifting it onto the rocky precipice, just as another huge crest propelled the stern forward. The ship splintered harshly and came to a desperate, crashing halt. The sound of the storm was deafening above the resounding silence of the calamity.

And there it was, a sudden white elephant, destined to die the death of an iconic statue in its final resting place, immobilized; silenced for eternity.

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