The Storm, a poem by Bruce Levine at
Valentin Muller

The Storm

The Storm

written by: Bruce Levine



Rain spattered on the window pane
Making patterns like geometric drawings
Before the droplets released their molecular hold
Forming abstract lines like a Pollack painting

Flashes of lightning illuminated the maze of water
Held against the glass as if by magic
And tinted into a rainbow of color
By the refraction of ionized air

Trees bowed to the newly born vision
Before the wind erased the storm’s creation
As if an artist applied gesso over a painting
To refresh a canvas and start anew

The lingering shadows over oceans turned to blackness
In the depths of historic graves
Of shipwrecks filled with treasure
In a hunter’s paradise and dreams of glory

‘Til dawn erased the mem’ries of fantasies
Like the waning of the storm erased the rain
And the wind decreased from miles per hour
As the new day moved forward in perpetuum ordained

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