Ousted written by Sultana Raza at Spillwords.com
Caspar David Friedrich



written by: Sultana Raza



No perch to hang onto, no nest to stay,
Aurum eluded him, or brother took,
New graves; most of his family lay,
Later in sickness, friends forsook.

Cold calamity faithfully dogged,
Unrequited, stressed strings beat,
Bounty got bard in dubious debt bogged.
Poignant poems, got plenty of meat.

What pushed him to roll rare rhyme uphill?
Forlorn fodder had lots for thought,
Paid too soon, overpriced Hour’s bill.
Denied appreciation he so keenly sought.

Enmeshed in myths, odes easily unfurled,
Impossible to fathom how filtered fancy whirled.

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