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The Jezebel Factor

The Jezebel Factor

written by: Edward McCloud



Your dance, mesmeric to my blood, your scant and scarlet attire arrayed with jewels and gold,
full breasts, tight navel, perfect hips, exotic face, wild hair, erotic eyes –
with your fame blazed across the thousands of men mad to have you,
our sin is already committed in my heart, Jezebel.

Passion flows from me to you lust ward. Fleshly beauty
swirls from your person as you do well the work
of your so many devils. How dearly I have come to know
the heart of a harlot is evil. At this the fork of my decisions,
on the occasion of your asking, I pass, Jezebel.

I could never be as strong as St. John, still I see with my own eyes
your sexual enticements are entrapment unto your Lord, Satan,
and your lips an intoxicant to submission
and your body a door to hell, Jezebel.

‘Though now I live in Babylon, it won’t be long
before I travel on seeking the company of women
who live in true beauty without your mark against my soul, Jezebel.

I fancy myself neither saint now holy man
for in my imagination, countless times and ways
I have made love to you and in reality with others.
I regret but do not forget my past whoredoms.
Now, I aspire to be the man whose vacuum can pull you to freedom.
I pray for the day you want me as much as I once wanted you,

Edward McCloud

Edward McCloud

I was born in Key West, Florida on September 11th, 1951. My family moved us up to Jacksonville, Florida in 1952. My mother read books to me. I remember her asking me if I could read between the lines and explained the meaning of that. From kindergarten through 8th grade I attended St. Paul's Catholic School. I was in an advanced reading class in 7th and 8th grade. We read Quo Vadis, Homer, Mythology, Oliver Twist. I went 2 years at Bishop Kenny High School and 2 years at Robert E. Lee High School. Our basketball team won 26 games and lost 3. Leonard Skinner was our coach; the great band used his name.
Edward McCloud

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