The Summer of Love and Fresh Air, a poem by Ingrid Wilson at
Jessica Rockowitz

The Summer of Love and Fresh Air

The Summer of Love and Fresh Air

written by: Ingrid Wilson



It was the summer of love and fresh air:
God knows how we made it through,
with barely two red cents to rub together
you lit up my smile, did up my hair

We took trips with the children
packed sandwiches
didn’t worry about the rain
ran free through parks and gardens,
the next morning, did it all over again

Collapsed, exhausted, heaped beneath the sheets
woke early, sought out one another’s lips
as I breathed in the scent of you,
you held my hands, my hips

We managed it! Not only did we manage, we
excelled – ‘cost of living crisis’ and ‘austerity’
cage-words to tame the fire in you and me
while all the while, defiantly we
burned brighter

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