The Tempest, a poem written by Mitch Bensel at
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The Tempest

The Tempest

written by: Mitch Bensel



I am the eye of a hurricane
this day has awakened in me
the storm that surrounds

so many crave the want
….of my words
of soul
…. when did this turbulence build
so much strength it pushes
deeper ..only to tease me
with what is not

the bush of green .. with purple flowers
and money growing from its branches
is more real than the love they have
for me…

I am the
of a soul that will soon
wash into that
hurricane…. never to be felt
…as the one……only as
..the memory
of the one

so tell me all of you so wise
where is this ….want I have grown to
for you only love ..the rain from the wet
of this storm…not the center
where the eye is so calm
……pulse slows .. as I turn to leave
farewell to thee that drain my dreams

as I close my eye….the one never seen
by the you who take and want of me

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